Monday, July 07, 2014

Independence day, America 2014

We are also on a holiday last Friday, July 4th, 2014. It did not feel like a long weekend though. i mostly stayed indoors and didn't get much of the sunlight.
Rose, Harvey and I went to the Phil Man orientation for nurses who would like to work in New Zealand. When the company choose you, they will support your financial needs: i.e tuition fees, board and lodging. I'm just quite skeptical about the loaning scheme. The speaker said, that will be discussed at the middle of the process. Anyway. it's good that we went there. I'm not sure if I'll push through with it. i don't want to work in a hospital. The seminar ended at around 5pm.

Rose went home while Harvey and I went to SM megamall to meet mam Phame. It was her birthday that day! We went around the mall and saw the FIBA players. They're soooo tall!!!! and they're not Filipino. It'll be weird looking at foreign people competing for the Philippines.

We had our mirienda at Wendy's. As usual, i bought a frosty and baked potatoes with cheese and chiliconcarne. Talked stuff about recent work and old people. And then, maam Phame arrived and told us about her new work. interesting. It's great to see that she's enjoying. Her current job title is "Party Coordinator". :)

We were supposed to go skating that night but it was pretty expensive. We'll do that next week. :D. We separated ways after. I went home to Eastwood. I spoke to mom thru facetime at the lobby. My wifi is not working at our Unit, which is fine. I don't have to be online all the time. i need some space from Facebook sometimes. haha.

Slept almost the whole day. I woke up kind of early. around 6am. Slept again at 1pm and woke up at 6pm. I almost forgot Ate Rochie was going to pick me up at 8. Good thing, I woke up!

Ate and I went to Greenbelt to meet up with her friends to watch the FIFA: Belgium vs Argentina. Looking at the Argentinians, they were less pretty but really good on the field. So, Belgium lost. We lost... But that's fine. Mga gwapo parin naman sila. hehehe. It was a good fight, kahit kulelat. I'm glad, during the game, i was able to chat with him about it. I kind of miss him. geez.
Image of belgium vs argentina flag from:

Booooring day! I thought we were having dinner with my aunt and lola. but it didn't push through. I slept almost all day. and so, i was awake, and still am, all night! We chatted a tinitiny bit. He told me he was studying and watching the UFC and that's it. nothing else. :( i spent my night cooking, cleaning the clutter around the house and finding ways to forget him. convincing myself to stop thinking too much about imaginary people. i just still miss him. demmit!

Image from:

Still awake! Leaving at 1:30PM I guess.

Hello work... Later. Wish it'll stop raining so my feet won't be too wet.


Back to reality... Back in manila to work later. Boracay is an okay place.. Puka beach is the best... Anyway... Let me tell you what happened.
Day 1
1. Went to Boracay with Accenture colleagues: Mami Chie, Ria and bf, Arvie and Gem. :)
2. Stayed in Azzuro de Boracay, a so so hotel.
3. Ate at 'I Love BBQ'. Rich kids' cheat day!
4. Watched the fire dancers do their thing.
4. Met with my good old friend, Mon. :)
6. Saw atom araullo at the abs cbn event. Too bad, we missed the free booze...
7. Partied at Juice bar. Thought we were going to a jamba juice type of place.. But no.. It's a bar with a rowdy place with dancing tipsy people. Redhorse beer put me on the dizzy side
8. Night swimming at the beach.. 1st time to do that. 
Day 2
1. Island hopping 'daw'.... Did snorkeling at the crocodile island. Looootsa fishhh!
2. Puka beach is paradise! I love it there! Clear blue water. White sand. Very few people. No party party..beautiful
3. Had a nice great meal at puka beach. Love eating with a nice view!
4. Picture taking done! Yey!
5. Party party again at Juice bar. we should have gone to another bar for a change.
6. Weng weng- damn you redhorse.
Day 3.
1. Went early swimming at the beach front. it was  a beautiful morning until my camera died. :(
2. Looked for a new place to stay. We found the travel lounge. Mami Chie and I were the only ones who checked in since Arvie and Gem will be living that night. Sad.
3. Banana boat with the Israelites. My eye felt soooo stingy it felt like i was going blind... Not good.
4. Went around to buy pasalubong. no calamnsi muffin available.
5. Had a little chat with my online crush.  :) (fine, I'm claiming it now... he is officially my online crush).
6. Slept the whole afternoon because of my inflamed eyes.. - sunblock melted in my eyes. beware of sunblock!
Day 4.
1. Going home
2. packed our bags to go home.
3. Went around early in the morning to buy few more pasalubongs.
4. had an all you can eat meal at La Carmella hotel.
5. Traveled back to Manila.

Lesson learned:
1. Wearing a bikini is liberating.
2. Do not put sunblock on your eyelids. it will go to your eyes eventually.
3. Do not drink too much or you'll get a really bad hangover the next day that you won't be able to do anything..
4. Waterproof cameras should still be placed on a waterproof encasement. Just to make sure it won't leak.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Finally, my parents are here. They picked me up last Saturday evening and ate out in a Thai resto in sM Aura. I missed my parents. It's nice to have bonded with them in person after a while.. Thai food was delicious. :)
I was not able to sleep saturday night 'cause i was asleep the whole day. Staying awake on a Sunday was a challenge. I met tita Trining and tito Romy. Ate Grace, kuya Nat and Elise came along that night, too, at Lola's house. It was a nice reunion. Elise is so cute :) 
Too bad i won't be able to be with the fam on a weekday 'cause i have to work in Manila every night. Oh well.. 

See you guys on Saturday. :)


I want to be happy again. Help me.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quotes to remember

"Let it go, let it goooo!" - Frozen

"Give yourself a chance, and you'll be ok."- Taxi driver in NYC

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Facebook video'm not sure if this link is going to work on blogger... This is a facebook video. I like the background music. :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Long Weekend

It was a pretty good long week end. :)

I booked a flight to Boracay and planned to stay there for 3 days to relax and enjoy the clear blue waters of the beach. But it did't push through. It was best to delay my vacation cos the weather there's not too nice- low pressure area. So... What did i do?

1. Right after work, colleagues and i went to Taguig to eat breakfast at iHop. It was supposed to be a team building but it was just a simple get-together. 
Photo from Jason Navarrete

2. Maam Phame, a friend and a workmate from my previous job, was around manila area. I invited her to Eastwood. She came around 5:30pm and kept on muttering how far the place was.... I know, right? That's the reason why i dont go home as often as i want to. Anyway, we just had pizza for dinner at Sbarro, icecream at Dairyqueen for dessert and looked around the tsiangge. I was about to buy myself a pair of sandals but... Yah know, i wasn't 100% happy with it. And I'm kind of saving up from now on. :) I went home to Laguna.
With maam phame, being silly. We were supposed to have free dinner at Richmond hotel from sales people who were trying to sell condos but decided not to take it. We can't stay that late in Manila.

3. Sunday: i stayed home and did domestic duties. Did the laundry, swept the floor, fed the cats... Stuff like that... I thought of going out to do something. I wanted to go swimming in the hotspring but i don't want to go by myself... And i felt too lazy to even go outside cos it was pretty chilly. Bed weather.   So i stayed home all day reading a nice YA book. 
4. Monday: Went to my tita's house. I miss visiting there. It was great to be home. :) i missed my nieces and nephews, my titas and the home-cooked meals.. Ahhh. Nice :) it felt like christmas 'cause we all went out for dinner and had coffee afterwards. Well, i ordered Cafe Antonio's special hot chocolate (see photo below). Nam nam!
5. Tuesday: back to reality. Have to go back to Manila to work later. 

It was a nice weekend :) 

Thanks! :)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas day :)

Staying in Eastwood "park" was not bad at all with all the lights and christmas sounds along with the dancing fountain. It was so much better hanging out there instead of just staying in the condo to sleep.. Thank goodness, at least, i have experienced the christmas spirit despite being away from the fam bam.. Soooo. How was my holiday? It was pretty much ok. Bonding with myself mostly..
1. After leaving the office, Ayan, my only batchmate, and i had a sort pf christmas breakfast and Ayan's birthday treat. Happy birthday, Ayan! She'll turn a year older tomorrow (Dec. 27). 

2. My Aunt called me and invited me to stay at their place for christmas day. Oh well.. I overslept and was unableto leave early... I have transpo issues here.... Eastwood, why are you so faaaaaraway from everywhere???  I was only with myself and a bunch of strangers around me.. But it was fine. :)
3 i did a little bit of shopping. Had to buy clothes for 2 more days. Laundry shop was off for the holidays.. I bought 2 dresses. They're easier to wear and had me saved some moolah compared to buying sets of pants and shirts. Good deal..

4. Then i went to CBTL to chillax, read few pages of the Mormon bible i got for free (Didn't know there where other books from the bible.), ordered double chocolate frappe and finished reading the Mockingjay-- (which may have caused my nightmare last night. *scared). Thank you, by the way,to my friends who kept me company online. Thanks for the greetings :)

5. I watched the dancing fountain, too. It was quite amusing to watch. I remember the lights and sounds in makati. I missed it this year. Not sure if it'll still be there this weekend.. I sat in the bench, did people and dog watching. People looked happy. So, i was quite happy, too, looking at them. Hrmmm. Christmas wasn't like this before. From what i remember, malls were closed on christmas day... Or christmas eve... Im not sure.. Anyway, the mall was open yesterday...

6. I was leaving my spot in the park and was headed back to the condo.. I was so near from the building when my stomach complained of hunger.. I went back to the mall. Went straight to TGIF and ate my dinner.. I had this impression that TGIF serves mouthwatering, delicious looking food like what we had years before (can't remember the year but it was in Makati).. Things may have changed. I saw my plate and i felt like i was the one who prepared the food... It looked very ordinary and i had to request to have my food reheated. Preparation and serving was not at par from what i paid for. Mind you, if you plan to eat there, concentrate on your food. If you, by any chance, try to play with your  ipad or experience spacing out a bit, they'll try to get your plate still with food. They asked several times if i was done. I felt like they wanted me to leave already. Since it was Christmas, i just thought, maybe they were just hurrying up cleaning so they won't do overtime just to wash plates. I should have gone to AGave resto instead. Better tasting food and better presentation. I don't like to compalin anymore... Thank you, Lord, for the food that satisfied my hunger. :)
7. So i went back to the Condo, quite happy. :) i miss my family a lot. But, at least, i did enjoy Christmas day despite being home alone.

Happy birthday, Jesus! :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hello Coron, Palawan (long overdue planned trip with ert)

I'm getting the hang of writing about my previous trips. Bear with me please. Haha. Im enjoying this... I should've done this in real time... Anyhoooo... Here goes:

Coron, Palawan: the most beautiful place i've seen (aside from the Mountain Province , of course). This was the long overdue trip Ert and i were planning. We went there the last week of June 2013. 

The weather was not very nice, cloudy and rainy. Still i was in awe with what i've seen and experienced. I don't usually go to the beach and spend so much time in the water until this. I almost became a fish here. Haha! Always in the water. It was my first time to snorkle. I bet the view would be extra magnificent if it was sun shiny. 

This... Hrmmm. I forgot what this is... But it's the iconic picture of Coron. After swimming and snorkling, we had to hike to get in here. The we had to walk down to the other side to get to the lake. 
That's the walk way down to the lake... Have to be really careful cos it was slippery.
Annnnd... This was what i was talking about. Selfie in the lake. Woohoo! Lurve the water! I didn't know it was possible that there'd be lakes in the middle of the sea. Down there was like a different world.. Like the set in starwars or startrek. Baracuda lake was my favorite (no pics there. Waterproof cam was batt dead. Booo). I saw a snake, a shrimp and a large fish. I guess it was the baracuda. 
Took this while snorkling in the shallow waters of the sea. Cute fish.
That's our boatman parking at Banol beach. I've never been to Boracay but i think this was the mini version of it. White powdery sand and crystal clear water. :) breath taking! Officially, this is my favorite beach ever! 
The pic below was the salt water hot's not warm.. It was HOT! Ert and I weren't able to go anywhere during the day because the weather was unkind. It raining pretty hard and we cannot go swimming nor go island hopping. The hotel concierge said it was the best time to go there since the weather's cold. She was right. :) you'd feel that burning sensation the first dip in the water but your body will adapt to it. Relaxing! :)
Our dinner on a budget. Good thing we saw this place :)
Drinking session with ert. Wish we did get out and experience the nightlife. Oh well. Next time.
A guide to Coron.
Im going back here someday. :)