Saturday, October 18, 2014


Hey, pig. I know how you feel.
Lesson learned: do not assume and do not expect anything from anyone...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend in Eastwood- late post 10/11/2014

It was Hazelnut's special day because it was the day she was about to marry the love of her life. Too bad, i missed the chance to witness it. :( car issues.

Anyway, i slept early and woke up at 2:00pm bec janina and i planned to go bonding and pamper ourselves (pigout and go to a massage therapist). Unfortunately, she said it was raining so hard from where she was coming from. We decided to call it off. 3pm, i was hungry and bored, i had to go out. My roomie and i had our late lunch at Goodah, ate spicy sisig and unlimited rice. Wish the viand was also unlimited, oh well. Then, went to the tiangge. Thank goodness, i didn't buy anything 'cause im really on a tight budget until pay day! 

The stage was being set up for a show. I realized it was QC day. There were light dancers, poi dancers, illusionists and a line of bands playing for the event. The light dancers and illusionists were familiar. They showed up on "Show Time". Also the korean teenager, who was playing with his curved stick, whom i saw in the event, moon rise festival, was there too. There were a lot of kids doing the hoolahoop, imitating the girl who looked like an expert with it. It was fun watching them do their own ramdom stunts. i got to use my camera also. I missed twiking my cam :) i used manual mode, 50 mm. Yey! :) will upload stuff on fb when i go home to laguna.

Then we went to kfc to have dinner. Went back to the event area and watched The Dawn. They're quite really old. In one of their songs, they incorporated POT's song, 'Sige na'. I missed Karl Roy. Then there were fire works! Maam Phame sent me a text, saying she wanted to go to eastwood and have a drink. I was not up for drinking at that time, but what the heck. She came over at around 12mn, just after the fireworks. We headed to Jack's Loft. And so, we talked about stuff.. About people, places, current events, lovelife, career, meeting new people, advising each other off, venting.. Ugh, so many... I wasn't even tipsy yet. I just drank a small glass of white russian. I wanted bailey's but there wasn't any. Maam Phame, left me for around 45 minutes and met someone... A friend of hers while i stayed inside the loft, relaxing and facebooking.... Facebooking.... I want to quit facebooking too much...
White russian and strawberry daquiri...
She did some shopping. She bought 2 tops and 1 shorts. They were nice stuff. Oh, geez.... If only i could shop... But it's fine.. I didn't find anything that said, buy me buy me! 

I thought we were done. But she refused to go home. It was 3am already.. I told her to stay in eastwood until around 5am just to be safe. We ate at mcdo and killed time. Another set of endless conversation. And then we went to Kwagos to drink another set of alcohol. We ordered a bucket of tanduay ice. The sun came up and we were still chatting and finishing our drinks. 5% alcohol so it was just like juice... It didn't give me a tipsy. Thank goodness, no hangover too.

She left at 6:45am. I hurriedly went back to the condo to prep for my next hangout with Janina (since we agreed to move our RnR on Sunday). I showered and slept for 1 1/2 hours. I was at mcdo again @ 0927am.

Bonding with maam phame, check.

RnR with Janina. It was my first time to hang out with her for 12 hours! We went to church at Padre Pio. Very solemn place... But we stayed outside. Failed to start the mass. Then, we went across the street at a spa. Massage only costs 200 pesos but no therapist was available yet. And so we canvassed for other different spas that offered affordable service. We ended up at Bikram Yoga. 320 pesos. Aaah it was nice... Favorite part was the head massage.. Always my fave.

I wanted to stay and sleep but i guess we weren't allowed to. The ground was wet when we went out, It rained. We walked, window shopped, ate pasta at bigoli, drank red velvet drink at cbtl, thought to buy the long black skirt i've been eyeing for a few days- still didnt buy it, went to the office to finish some required stuff and then, chatted the whole time going to and from the places we went to. 
While walking, saw this headless man, drinking...
Janina went home with her sleepy head. Me? I ate pizza with my sleepy head before going home.

Bonding with Janina, check.

Nail it!

Lurve my candy nails. Can't stop staring at it until now. It looks like chicklet, bathroom tiles or car paint.  It's pretty. Good job, Ate Bubbles. :) btw, just to mention, i think this was my sister and i's first nail polish bonding. So girly! 
Pampering thyself on a cushy couch with Ate Bubbles, doing my nails
We ate at Kai Japanese Cuisine. I've been hearing Mr. Ramsey babble about sea bass on his shows. Hrmmm, sea bass... Familiar.. So that's what i ordered. It was really soft and juicy. Like it melts in your mouth. I also got to taste several sushi ... Errr... Flavors! You call them flavors i guess.. Or types.. But they were really good. I like the one with cream cheese. Thanks to my sister's treat. My turn nest time.
That's what i was talking about. Cream cheese sushi!
It took us awhile at the nail salon. I panicked and thought i'd be late for work. I was still wearing my street clothes (shirt, skirt- pretty short for office, and slip-ons). I would have had not made it if i went back to the condo and changed... I just had to make do with what i have with a little twick. Since i panicked... I did panic buying of a pair of shoes that i think got away from being too casual. The shoe made magic and made my street clothes look acceptable for office. I just had to pull down my skirt a little bit to reach the acceptable length and wore my jacket. Magic!

Zombie mode. But i managed. :)

Thursday, October 09, 2014


What a silly movie... But scared the crap out of me... But it was really silly.. Geez... 
Image above: from princess sarah memes on facebook

Back massage was awesome! It was just a back massage for 30 mins. The blind woman who massaged me was way better than Nuat Thai. (Still the best i experienced was from the touch of thai in pagsanjan). After the massage, the blind people outside were singing, "kahit konting pagtingin". And one pf them made a comment, "e pano yan, bulag ka?".. Ahahahhaha. Kuleet.

I was about to eat at St Marc's cafe when they sent me a text that they've arrived already. And so arvie, ria and i met at megamall.
Fancy fancy... I have to try one of these! - St. Marc's Cafe

Then we watched the horror film. Arvie was squeezing my arm so hard. We were both screaming ever so loudly, it's funny. Ria, i think, fell asleep on some portions of the movie. No reaction on the scary parts. 
i wanted to hangout more after the movie but it was getting late. So i just bought these Unhappy paos (see the frowning?)

Thank you, Lord, i made it home safe. :)

Monday, October 06, 2014

Bday weekend

My birthday just ended. Thank you, Lord, the nice weather on my special day. 
Post flying. (From left to right: one of the trainors, me, sister). That guy at the back's Will, the owner/ founder of the trapeze school. I saw him on Sports Unlimited, a show on tv, that's why we got there. It was fun. I didn't get it at first, to swing forward backward forward, and then letting go. It was all timing so you'd get that smooth spin and landing on the net. It was a bit scary on the first swing. The plank was narrow, 30 feet above the ground and it's just your hands holding on to dear life on the bar.. I'm exaggerating. We had ropes and harnesses on, too, and there was a net beneath us of course. It was fun. I love the feeling of the wind on my face everytime i swing. :)

We had our dinner, after flying, at Ihop. Yum. 

Bday party with the fambam! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Super Mario

They said, super mario, the storm, had even heavier down pour than Ondoy. But i think people are more prepared now than before.
Friday morning, after shift, it was raining hard. People were stranded everywhere. Tet, my friend and officemate, stayed in our condo.
So we went shopping for her clothes and toiletries, ate breakfast in Mcdo and painted my nails cherry red before sleeping. I can't stop looking at my shiny little nails. They're really pretty :)

Ugh... Queueing at work. Not all got to work, so we just had to deal with it.
Saturday morning, it was drizzling a bit. Gem and i went shopping at St. francis Square. oh, the temptation! I had only 100 pesos on my pocket and i saw this really nice dress, i cannot not buy it. 

We just couldn't go home that early. We dined and window shopped and gossipped (not really, just told her about my recent sentiments).
Ok so, that's gem and i, respectively. Pardon me with my ipad plattered on my face. It's just too big.
Look at those biceps. Didn't know i had it formed like that. Haha. Love the dress.
(I dunno if i fit to be a daisy. Haha)

Anyway, that's pretty much it. 

Monday, September 15, 2014


I'm on leave today. Was thinking of where to go and what to do. But it's rainy outside, so decided just to stay home and rest. 
It has been a productive weekend. I am on my domestic self mode. I cleaned my parent's room, biboy's room and our room. I washed the dishes and folded clean clothes. I bought ingredients for my planned menu today (unfortunetely, im short with butter and potatoes for the mashed potato recipe a friend taught me. I'll do this next time.) and some pandesal and eggs. I cooked my breakfast (longganisa from Laoag and red rice). Later, i'll make myself a chocolate oatmeal porridge. Wish i could make a real champorado but sticky rice is unavailable.
Looks like a scene from "Mystery Manor". I know, it's messy. But i've already decluttered the house.msorry. Don't have the after-pic.
Delicious! :)

 i tried to alter my red, star studded dress this morning to make it longer. It's half way done but i tried it to check if it was a success. It's still short at the back! :( i'll just have the professionals take care of it. Too much of my effort, pfffft.)
Still too short. Can't ride an escalator with this. I'm photobombed by the plastic boxes behind me.

I took out my violin and tried to play again. I forgot the pieces i've learned before. Also tuned it. Can't find my tuner. Where is it anyay? Also tried if i can do the vibrato. *shakes head

Told myself, i'd watch a movie. Still, here i am, blogging away.
See? I'm preoccupied.

I Am A.....

.... Living contradiction.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Shop Therapy

Right now, i'm kind of calming down and fixing my broken ego. I won't say why because i feel pathetic enough. So i won't delve into it. And so, i did shopping today! :) i'm not really a hardcore shopper. I used to just look around and try stuff but not really getting anything unless i super like it. I usually spend my moolah with eating lots and lots of food (this wont clutter my room! Haha). But nowadays, now that i live in the city and very near the mall, i have learned to buy clothes, not excessively though. It's true that shopping kind of strays you away with unpleasant feelings. Especially when you find something that really looks good on you.

I bought a dress (i'd look exotic wearing it, bwahaha) and 2 shirts: a pink casual shirt with psychedelic prints on it and a simple black blouse with tiny white spots. Not to mention the plain green dress i found yesterday that really fit me. I fell in love with it instantly! I just need to find a nice cardigan as its partner. 

Today was sort of a "waldas day" too. Our team, after work, had breakfast in a pretty sofisticated restaurant, the only place that opens at 6am. It cost me a fortune, but i was satisfied. 

Cine Europa is now on going. I didn't get to see a movie today cos i prioritized the shopping and it was kind of late for me to go. You have to be in line 2 hours before the movie. Admission was free so, you can just imagine how long the line was. It used to be like that with previous film fests. 

Thank goodness i was able to come home safely. The weather is unkind to travelers tonight. Rainy.

Oh well. 

Ps. I put my hair in a bun and i like what it did to it.. Big haaair! :) messy but big. Haha.