Monday, September 15, 2014


I'm on leave today. Was thinking of where to go and what to do. But it's rainy outside, so decided just to stay home and rest. 
It has been a productive weekend. I am on my domestic self mode. I cleaned my parent's room, biboy's room and our room. I washed the dishes and folded clean clothes. I bought ingredients for my planned menu today (unfortunetely, im short with butter and potatoes for the mashed potato recipe a friend taught me. I'll do this next time.) and some pandesal and eggs. I cooked my breakfast (longganisa from Laoag and red rice). Later, i'll make myself a chocolate oatmeal porridge. Wish i could make a real champorado but sticky rice is unavailable.
Looks like a scene from "Mystery Manor". I know, it's messy. But i've already decluttered the house.msorry. Don't have the after-pic.
Delicious! :)

 i tried to alter my red, star studded dress this morning to make it longer. It's half way done but i tried it to check if it was a success. It's still short at the back! :( i'll just have the professionals take care of it. Too much of my effort, pfffft.)
Still too short. Can't ride an escalator with this. I'm photobombed by the plastic boxes behind me.

I took out my violin and tried to play again. I forgot the pieces i've learned before. Also tuned it. Can't find my tuner. Where is it anyay? Also tried if i can do the vibrato. *shakes head

Told myself, i'd watch a movie. Still, here i am, blogging away.
See? I'm preoccupied.

I Am A.....

.... Living contradiction.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Shop Therapy

Right now, i'm kind of calming down and fixing my broken ego. I won't say why because i feel pathetic enough. So i won't delve into it. And so, i did shopping today! :) i'm not really a hardcore shopper. I used to just look around and try stuff but not really getting anything unless i super like it. I usually spend my moolah with eating lots and lots of food (this wont clutter my room! Haha). But nowadays, now that i live in the city and very near the mall, i have learned to buy clothes, not excessively though. It's true that shopping kind of strays you away with unpleasant feelings. Especially when you find something that really looks good on you.

I bought a dress (i'd look exotic wearing it, bwahaha) and 2 shirts: a pink casual shirt with psychedelic prints on it and a simple black blouse with tiny white spots. Not to mention the plain green dress i found yesterday that really fit me. I fell in love with it instantly! I just need to find a nice cardigan as its partner. 

Today was sort of a "waldas day" too. Our team, after work, had breakfast in a pretty sofisticated restaurant, the only place that opens at 6am. It cost me a fortune, but i was satisfied. 

Cine Europa is now on going. I didn't get to see a movie today cos i prioritized the shopping and it was kind of late for me to go. You have to be in line 2 hours before the movie. Admission was free so, you can just imagine how long the line was. It used to be like that with previous film fests. 

Thank goodness i was able to come home safely. The weather is unkind to travelers tonight. Rainy.

Oh well. 

Ps. I put my hair in a bun and i like what it did to it.. Big haaair! :) messy but big. Haha. 

Monday, August 04, 2014


Thursday: attended the monnrise festival. Felt like going back in time when i used to play music back in 200+. It's been years not attending to those types of events. There was art, folk music, poetry, dances, world beat, drum circle, capoeira, poi dancing... What more can i ask for? Really an awesome night. I got to see old friends and bandmates, artists and capoeiristas all in one event. Domeng and burn were there with Talahib. Missed those guys. Dxxxx's talent was so crushable! Lol.

 I am socially awkward. Pffft. Garsh.

Saturday: Capoeira training with EBC lead by Michael. My muscles were trying to cope with the physical activity. Me and my 2 left feet! Geez. So, ok.. I got through it, thank goodness. I want to go back to training. Im thinking of attending the intensive tumbling training at CG in Pasig before enrolling capoeira.. So i'd get better flexibility and balance. :) my muscles are once again sore and tired, over flowing with lactic acid (i'm exaggerating).

Sunday: Maam Phame and I went skating at SM Megamall still with my sore hamstring muscles... Another Time warping experience! Last skating i had was way back 2008! Been awhile. I didn't have my skates with me. Had to use those they provide. Quite expensive. We paid 390 each. But that's unlimited use of the ice. I missed the wind in my face when i skate. Got to do it again today. :) 

Monday, July 07, 2014

Independence day, America 2014

We are also on a holiday last Friday, July 4th, 2014. It did not feel like a long weekend though. i mostly stayed indoors and didn't get much of the sunlight.
Rose, Harvey and I went to the Phil Man orientation for nurses who would like to work in New Zealand. When the company choose you, they will support your financial needs: i.e tuition fees, board and lodging. I'm just quite skeptical about the loaning scheme. The speaker said, that will be discussed at the middle of the process. Anyway. it's good that we went there. I'm not sure if I'll push through with it. i don't want to work in a hospital. The seminar ended at around 5pm.

Rose went home while Harvey and I went to SM megamall to meet mam Phame. It was her birthday that day! We went around the mall and saw the FIBA players. They're soooo tall!!!! and they're not Filipino. It'll be weird looking at foreign people competing for the Philippines.

We had our mirienda at Wendy's. As usual, i bought a frosty and baked potatoes with cheese and chiliconcarne. Talked stuff about recent work and old people. And then, maam Phame arrived and told us about her new work. interesting. It's great to see that she's enjoying. Her current job title is "Party Coordinator". :)

We were supposed to go skating that night but it was pretty expensive. We'll do that next week. :D. We separated ways after. I went home to Eastwood. I spoke to mom thru facetime at the lobby. My wifi is not working at our Unit, which is fine. I don't have to be online all the time. i need some space from Facebook sometimes. haha.

Slept almost the whole day. I woke up kind of early. around 6am. Slept again at 1pm and woke up at 6pm. I almost forgot Ate Rochie was going to pick me up at 8. Good thing, I woke up!

Ate and I went to Greenbelt to meet up with her friends to watch the FIFA: Belgium vs Argentina. Looking at the Argentinians, they were less pretty but really good on the field. So, Belgium lost. We lost... But that's fine. Mga gwapo parin naman sila. hehehe. It was a good fight, kahit kulelat. I'm glad, during the game, i was able to chat with him about it. I kind of miss him. geez.
Image of belgium vs argentina flag from:

Booooring day! I thought we were having dinner with my aunt and lola. but it didn't push through. I slept almost all day. and so, i was awake, and still am, all night! chatted a tinitiny bit. told me he was studying and watching the UFC and that's it. i spent my night cooking, cleaning the clutter around the house and..... Not thinking too much because....

Image from:

Still awake! Leaving at 1:30PM I guess.

Hello work... Later. Wish it'll stop raining so my feet won't be too wet.


Back to reality... Back in manila to work later. Boracay is an okay place.. Puka beach is the best... Anyway... Let me tell you what happened.
Day 1
1. Went to Boracay with Accenture colleagues: Mami Chie, Ria and bf, Arvie and Gem. :)
2. Stayed in Azzuro de Boracay, a so so hotel.
3. Ate at 'I Love BBQ'. Rich kids' cheat day!
4. Watched the fire dancers do their thing.
4. Met with my good old friend, Mon. :)
6. Saw atom araullo at the abs cbn event. Too bad, we missed the free booze...
7. Partied at Juice bar. Thought we were going to a jamba juice type of place.. But no.. It's a bar with a rowdy place with dancing tipsy people. Redhorse beer put me on the dizzy side
8. Night swimming at the beach.. 1st time to do that. 
Day 2
1. Island hopping 'daw'.... Did snorkeling at the crocodile island. Looootsa fishhh!
2. Puka beach is paradise! I love it there! Clear blue water. White sand. Very few people. No party party..beautiful
3. Had a nice great meal at puka beach. Love eating with a nice view!
4. Picture taking done! Yey!
5. Party party again at Juice bar. we should have gone to another bar for a change.
6. Weng weng- damn you redhorse.
Day 3.
1. Went early swimming at the beach front. it was  a beautiful morning until my camera died. :(
2. Looked for a new place to stay. We found the travel lounge. Mami Chie and I were the only ones who checked in since Arvie and Gem will be living that night. Sad.
3. Banana boat with the Israelites. My eye felt soooo stingy it felt like i was going blind... Not good.
4. Went around to buy pasalubong. no calamnsi muffin available.
5. Had a little chat with my online crush.  :) (fine, I'm claiming it now... he is officially my online crush).
6. Slept the whole afternoon because of my inflamed eyes.. - sunblock melted in my eyes. beware of sunblock!
Day 4.
1. Going home
2. packed our bags to go home.
3. Went around early in the morning to buy few more pasalubongs.
4. had an all you can eat meal at La Carmella hotel.
5. Traveled back to Manila.

Lesson learned:
1. Wearing a bikini is liberating.
2. Do not put sunblock on your eyelids. it will go to your eyes eventually.
3. Do not drink too much or you'll get a really bad hangover the next day that you won't be able to do anything..
4. Waterproof cameras should still be placed on a waterproof encasement. Just to make sure it won't leak.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


I can't sleep. So, i'm writing a late post about a trip my family had last week. 

Mom and dad decided not to go to boracay since the airfare was soo expensive as well as the accomodations. So, we instead went to Bataan. I was not expecting anything in Bataan. A friend once told me that it's nice to go there.. But i really didn understand what was nice about Bataan. I didnt research about the place nor i asked further questions as to what to see in the place.. Maybe i lost interest when they said that the beach has dark sand.. Im not a fan of dark merky waters... 

Anyway.. We traveled, not knowing what to expect.. I was sort of imagining a simple place where we could eat native delicacies of bataan and will go home after. My mom protested with the idea of going back home after a long travel... My sister mentioned a hertitage hotel which i imagined like peninsula hotel.. But i doubted that with a place so rural amd so far away from the city..

We finally Arrived to the so called hertitage hotel. Mom's expression was priceless when she saw where we are: it looked like we were entering a factory/ school/ village, nothing like a hotel. Mom wanted to go back. Hahaha... There were men in costumes like the ones you see at fort bonifacio, though. I thought that was strange in a place like that... They opened the gates and the guard asked "may reservation po?".. In my mind, "saan naman kaya kami magrereserve?". Te place looked nothing like a hotel.. They let us in... And....

...i felt like i went bac in time. It wad like going to the walled city, indeed. It was such a beautiful place. I wanted to twirl and do cartwheels in the cobble- stoned floor. There were traditional song and dance performances at the main area. Wow. I kind of remembered the Peace camp we had in Iloilo way back in 2003, wherein after a every eventful day, we had a big dinner outdoors surrounded with folk music. It was pleasant, :) I forgot what that place in Bataan is called. I just remember "Heritage Village". I'm not even sure. It's like an artificial Vigan. From what i heard, the owners buy really old houses (materials) and rebuild them there. 

The more affordable rooms were all booked so we had to stay in our very own heritage house. All to ourselves! Kinda felt at home. We settled down our stuff and headed for dinner at a really nice hertage looking fine dining resto. We were serenaded by a singing couple who call theirselves "lolo and lola". They're not even old looking. Odd. Mom refused to be serenaded cos she thought i'll cost something. Hehehe. But still they sang us a couple of songs including Joey Ayala's "Walang Hanggang Paalam". <3. Dinner was great. 

We went back to our heritage house, tried to watch a movie, but we all got sleepy. We all went to bed. Aircon was coooold. Awesome to be with parents again. I feel like a small child. I always do when im around them... I am their eternal baby. 

The next day, we woke up, breakfast waiting for us at the fine dining resto we ate at last night. In the morning, it looked more friendly and less intimidating. And then we all checked out the gray beach. Mommy was all geared to swim but she back out. She didn't fancy the mirky waters, too.

We swam at the swimming pool. Last swimming spree we had was way back when we were kids (elementary days), until Bataan. And then, ate rochie and i did kayaking. That was fun. But it wasn't like the white water rapids we had in CDO. 

We ate our late lunch at an italian resto still in the heritage village. We ordered a lot! Loved the mango juice, as usual. We were serenaded again, this time by a 3 pc band. Labamba!

Then we had a tour around the village. There was a lot more to see. But some art galleries were closed. The guy doing the tour looked like Gibo. Missed the kid. 

Anyway, we went home happy together. Best part of the trip was the activities we did as a family which we seldom did when we were little. :)


Thursday, February 20, 2014


Finally, my parents are here. They picked me up last Saturday evening and ate out in a Thai resto in sM Aura. I missed my parents. It's nice to have bonded with them in person after a while.. Thai food was delicious. :)
I was not able to sleep saturday night 'cause i was asleep the whole day. Staying awake on a Sunday was a challenge. I met tita Trining and tito Romy. Ate Grace, kuya Nat and Elise came along that night, too, at Lola's house. It was a nice reunion. Elise is so cute :) 
Too bad i won't be able to be with the fam on a weekday 'cause i have to work in Manila every night. Oh well.. 

See you guys on Saturday. :)


I want to be happy again. Help me.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quotes to remember

"Let it go, let it goooo!" - Frozen

"Give yourself a chance, and you'll be ok."- Taxi driver in NYC